Nippon Music Champ Play List For 9/11/05

Song Title Artist/Anime Soundtrack

5pm to 6pm

1. Pinhead Cranberry Dance Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
2. The Canary Empire Strikes Back Bleach03
3. Boy Mona Lisa Demi Semi Quaver
4. Hadou Ajico
5. The Lost Voices Featuring Sly and Robbie DJ Krush
6. Demagog Green Milk From The Planet Orange
7. Slice of Life Mayumi Chiwaki andPilar Stupa
8. Garent ~ Kindan no Sono e Malice Mizer
9. Insomnia Yellow Magic Orchestra
10. R.A.M. (Robot And Music) Floppy
11. Superstar Quruli

6pm to 7pm

12. Ninja High School Peelander-Z
13. Manatsu no Sakura Hanadan
14. Catch You Catch Me Card Captor Sakura Soundtrack
15. People People EeL
16. Cosmic Glider PINE*am
17. Banana Chips Shonen Knife
18. These Boots Are Made For Walking Petty Booka
19. i-dep no Theme i-dep
20. Take It Easy - i-dep
21. Shake - i-dep
22. Romanshia Keesuke
23. Ikari no Jushin Jushin Liger Soundtrack
24. Summer Time Blues Guitar Wolf
25. Love Fire The Emeralds

7pm to 8pm

26. Motorvate Clara Bell
27. AH AH AH AH Clara Bell
28. Fist Of Glow Clara Bell
29. Darling YMCK
30. Ambition GitoGito Hustler
31. E-Sa-Ya ex-girl
32. Inner Universe Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Soundtrack
33. Grow Sound Tree OOIOO
34. inafuku no Mori OOIOO
35. Return to NOW! OOIOO
36. Hey Hey Hay The Spunks
37. Dragon Peelander-Z
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