Nippon Music Champ Play List For 7/19/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:35pm

1. Tay Rail Bridge / Luminous Orange / Total Feedback (VA)
2. New Sentimentality / toe / New Sentimentality
3. Boku dake ga / Angel'in Heavy Syrup / The Best of Angel'in Heavy Syrup
4. Yosawya San / Omodaka / Yosawya San
5. Tokyo Koushinkyoku / Satou Chiyako / Seishun Uta Nenkan Senzen Hen 1 (VA)
6. P99 / Maki Rinka / Cinematica
7. Time Limit / Pia-no-jaC / Wind God and Thunder God (Fuujin Raijin)

6:35pm to 7:00pm

8. Ai no Kotaba / The White Kicks / Go-Go Group Sounds Japan (VA)
9. Shikizaki no Bara / Salome no Kuchibiru / Atami Houkan no Theme
10. Sweet Thursday / Pizzicato Five / The Sound of Music By Pizzicato Five
11. Whistle Song / Fantastic Plastic Machine / Beautiful
12. Robot Sings (As If He Were Frank Sinatra With A Half Boiled Egg & The Salt Shaker On A Breakfast Table) / Buffalo Daughter / I

7:00pm to 7:30pm

13. Demagog / Green Milk From The Planet Orange / City Calls Revolution
14. Furi / Boris / Akuma no Uta
15. Mr. Kato On The Road / detroit7 / detroit7
16. Bungu / GO!GO!7188 / The Best Of GO!GO!
17. Noumiso Shortcake / Tsu Shi Ma Mi re / Noumiso Shortcake
18. Sun / Bleach 03 / Bleach 03
19. Shampoo / Jude / Shocking Black

7:30pm to 8:00pm

20. Typewriter / Shugo Tokumaru / Night Piece
21. Triooo / Shuta Hasunuma / Pop Ooga
22. Stretch Building Bamboo / Towa Tei / Last Century Modern
23. Brazil / Cornelius / Point
24. Tewa Tori Aeru / aus / Sonorapid
25. Theme of Codomo / comaniu / Comainu nandesu kedo Yappari Inu demo aru toiu...
26. Mu-getsu / DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo / Ki-Oku

Show Notes

Boku dake ga - Angel'in Heavy Syrup
Angel'in Heavy Syrup CDs are now very hard to come by, however this best of collection is available through iTunes.

Tokyo Koushinkyoku - Satou Chiyako
Seishun Uta Nenkan is a series of compilations that collects music such as Ryuukouka, Kayoukyoku, and Enka, beginning with 1928 and continuing through the 1990s. Last summer I did a feature on the first in this series, which features songs from 1928 - 1933. You can find the notes here.

Time Limit - Pia-no-jaC
Depending upon where you look, the album is listed under its English translation. I have provided both for you.

Go-Go Group Sounds Japan
This collect was released by the Australian label Maniakku-Beat (Maniac Beat). Unlike the GS I Love You series, there are no liner notes, but it does contain songs not often found on other group sounds collections.

Fantastic Plastic Machine and Buffalo Daughter
Both of these CDs were released in the U.S. by Emperor Norton Records, which is now defunct. However, used copies aren't difficult to find.

Bungu - GO!GO!7188
This song was first released on the band's second album Gyotaku. Gyotaku is still in print and Best Of GO!GO! is available through iTunes. The band's name is pronounced "Go Go Nana Ichi Hachi Hachi".

Shampoo - Jude
Jude is one of the many projects of Asai Kenichi (Sherbets, Ajico, Blankey Jet City, etc.) It is pronounced "Yuuda", however on air I say "Jude" so it is easier for the listener to remember the band's name. Shampoo was first released as a single before being made available on this Best Of collection. Jude is currently on hiatus as Asai focuses on his solo work as well as Sherbets.

Tewa Tori Aeru - aus
Cokiyu provided the female vocals on this song. A frequent collaborator of aus, her music is released in Japan by his label Flau. In addition writing her own music, she plays toy piano in Shugo Tokumaru's live band.

Mugetsu - DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo
Toshinori Kondo is an avant-garde, jazz, and jazz fusion trumpeter. Ki-Oku is the only release DJ Krush and Kondo have collaborated on so far.
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