Nippon Music Champ Play List For 7/26/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:30pm

1. Soul Osci / Shuta Hasunuma / Pop Ooga
2. Typing Song / Anchorsong / The Bodylanguage EP
3. Halo / mono / One Step More And You Die
4. Insomnia / Yellow Magic Orchestra / Solid State Survivor
5. Polaroid / GO!GO!7188 / Tategami

6:30pm to 7:00pm

6. Summer Days / The Test Patterns / Blackout
7. Crazy Over You / The Test Patterns / Blackout
8. High Tension / The Test Patterns / Blackout
9. Love & Egg Roll / The Spunks (Gito Gito Hustler Cover) / Yellow Fever Blues
10. Love & Roll / Gito Gito Hustler / Love & Roll
11. Kenaku Shopping / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / A Umi da.
12. Video Killed The Radio Star / Lolita no. 18 (The Buggles cover) / The Great Rock 'n' Roll Festival
13. What / Polysics / Neu

7:00pm to 7:30pm

14. wikiwiki / The Beaches / Hana Hou
15. Otemoyan / Omodaka / Cantata No. 147
16. Come On! Swing All Stars / YMCK / Family Racing
17. Paradise Song / Macdonald Duck Eclair / The Genesis Songbook
18. World's End Supernova / Quruli / The World Is Mine
19. Life Begins At Eighty / 80kidz / Life Begins At Eighty

7:30pm to 8:00pm

20. Spectres de Mouse / Mouse On The Keys / An Anxious Object
21. Double Bind / Mouse On The Keys / An Anxious Object
22. Forgotten Children / Mouse On The Keys / An Anxious Object
23. Metronome / toe / The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety
24. Aoi Tori wa Itsumo Fumange / Ajico / Fukamidori
25. Gypsy Sunday (Live) / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Last Heaven's Bootleg
26. Crossbeats / Pia-no-jaC / Wind God and Thunder God (Fuujin Raijin)

Show Notes

The Test Patterns (new music featured this week)
The Test Patterns are are Yago (Gito Gito Hustler) on Guitar/Vocals, Dan on Guitar/Vocals, Matt on Bass, and Kevin on Drums. The band is currently based out of Pittsburgh.

Mouse On The Keys (new music featured this week)
Mouse On The Keys are Akira Kawasaki (drum, keyboard, piano), Atsushi Kiyota (keyboard, piano), and Daisuke Niitome (keyboard, piano). Formed in 2006, the band is signed to toe's record label Machupicchu Industrias in Japan. Their first mini album Sezessions was released in 2007, and their first full length album, An Anxious Object was released earlier this month in Japan.

Aoi Tori wa Itsumo Fumange - Ajico
Ajico was UA on vocals, Asai Kenichi (Blankey Jet City, Jude, Sherbets) on Guitar/Vocals, Tokie (Unkie) on bass, and Shino Kyoichi on drums. The band was only active from 1999 to 2001, releasing three singles, the album Fukamidori, and the two disc live album Ajico Show.

Gypsy Sunday - Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Last Heaven's Bootleg is a two disc release of recordings from TMGE's last tour before they disbanded. The studio version of this song is available on the band's 2003 album Sabrina Heaven.

Crossbeats - Pia-no-jaC
Depending upon where you look, the album is listed under its English translation. I have provided both for you.
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