Nippon Music Champ Play List For 8/2/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:30pm

1. Tokyo ~ Sabaku de Jidanda / Asakusa Jinta / Setsuna
2. Deco Which Barks / Boot Beat / Switch
3. Good / Pizzicato Five (Plastics Cover) / The Sound Of Music By Pizzicato Five
4. Good / Plastics / Origato 25
5. Lady On The Radio / The Badge / Touch
6. Summer Days / The Test Patterns / Blackout

6:30pm to 7:00pm

7. Kagayaki / Friction / '79 Live
8. Kieta Sabrina / lloy / Jadan
9. Focus / Yellow Magic Orchestra / Naughty Boys
10. Music / Cornelius / Sensuous
11. Muddy Floor / Muddy World / Finery Of The Storm
12. Forgotten Children / Mouse On The Keys / An Anxious Object

7:00pm to 7:30pm

13. Peter Gunn Locomotion / Gpbb / Six
14. Yoyake ni Hashire / The 50 Kaitenz / Money! Money! (single)
15. Sorrows of Enemey (Teki no Theme) / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / Six Mix Girls
16. Horse With No Rider / Golden / Golden
17. Rhapsody / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Casanova Snake
18. Arashi no Yoru, London de (Stormy Night In London) / The Psycrons / The Mircale of The Psycrons
19. Emerald no Densetsu / The Tempters / Best Tracks

7:30pm to 8:00pm

20. Kaisuiyoku / Jude / Highway Child
21. Hedgehog's Wedding / Cokiyu / Mirror Flake
22. Vertigo / aus / After All
23. Windowpane Stencil / Geskia / Silent 77
24. 100 Years Of Choke / World's End Girlfriend / Hurtbreak Wonderland

Show Notes

The Badge
This release has one of my favorite album covers. The review of Touch on will fill you in more on the brief existence of The Badge.

'79 Live was recorded in Kyoto in December of 1979. Friction emerged in the late 70s as part of the Tokyo Rockers movement and are still active today.

The Test Patterns
The Test Patterns are are Yago (Gito Gito Hustler) on Guitar/Vocals, Dan on Guitar/Vocals, Matt on Bass, and Kevin on Drums. The band is currently based out of Pittsburgh.

Jude is one of Asai Kenichi's many projects (Sherbets, Ajico, Blankey Jet City, etc.) It is pronounced "Yuuda", however on air I say "Jude" so it is easier for the listener to remember the band's name. Currently on hiatus, Jude is a three piece consisting of Asai Kenichi on vocals/guitar, Watanabe Keiichi on Bass, and a series of different drummers. Kaisuiyoku was one of the first videos for any of Asai's many bands that I saw, and for now you can see it here.

Cokiyu, aus, Geskia

A Flau records triple feature! Flau is a record label based in Tokyo, curated by Yasuhiko Fukuzono aka aus. Cokiyu lends her voice to many different artists, as well as writing her own music and playing toy piano in Shugo Tokumaru's live band. She provides the vocals heard on aus' song Vertigo and Geskia provided the beat programing. Geskia is electronic and break beat artist, involved in several projects in addition to his solo work.
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