Nippon Music Champ Play List For 8/16/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:30pm

1. Kumikyoku / Pia-no-jaC / First Contact
2. Nouai Traveler / GO!GO!7188 / 569
3. Ai no Kiseki / Hide & Rosanna / Italy no Kyuujistu
4. Kokiriko Bushi / Salome no Kuchibiru / The Time Was Then Is Now (VA)
5. Kanashimi Johnny / Ajico / Ajico Show

6:30pm to 7:00pm

6. Sonic Traveler featuring Tunde Ayanyemi / DJ Krush / Zen
7. Silver Apples Of The Moon / Midori Hamada / Sonido Uzumaki (VA)
8. Mogamigawa Funauta / Omodaka / Favorite Games
9. Butter Fly / Cube Juice / III
10. Aoi, Koi, Daidaiiro no Hi / Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs / World Is Yours

7:00pm to 7:30pm

11. G.W.D. / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Gear Blues
12. Night Mare / Red Bacteria Vacuum / Roller Coaster
13. Matsuri / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / A, Umi da.
14. If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There / Melt-Banana / Cell Scape
15. Mujitsu no Otoko / The 50 Kaitenz / 50 Kaitenz no Bikkuri!!
16. Sunrise Sunset / The Badge / Touch
17. Hageshi Ame ga / The Mods / Bakuretsu! New Wave 1980 (VA)
18. Summertime Blues / Guitar Wolf (Eddie Cochran cover) / Golden Black (also on Jet Generation)

7:30pm to 8:00pm

19. Chronograph / Sketch Show / Loophole
20. Shousetsu / radicalfashion / Oodori
21. Slowly / Ayako Akashiba / 14 Girls' Life (VA)
22. I Love Chopin / AIR / All Along Air
23. Rydeen 79/07 / HASYMO / Rescue/Rydeen 79/07 (single)

Show Notes

Ai no Kiseki - Hide & Rosanna
Hide & Rosanna are Hide Demon and Rosanna Zambon, a popular husband-and-wife singing duo from the late 1960s and 1970s. Their first single, Ai no Kiseki was released in 1968. Hide unfortunately passed away in 1990, but Rosanna continues to live and work in Japan. The Japan Times did a profile of her in 2002 and it is available here.

Kanashimi Johnny - Ajico
Ajico was UA on vocals, Asai Kenichi (Blankey Jet City, Jude, Sherbets) on Guitar/Vocals, Tokie (Unkie) on bass, and Shino Kyoichi on drums. The band was only active from 1999 to 2001, releasing three singles, the album Fukamidori, and the two disc live album Ajico Show. Here the band covers Kanashimi Johnny, a song from UA's second album Ametora.

Chronograph - Sketch Show
In 2002, Hosono Haruomi and Takahashi Yukihiro of Yellow Magic Orchestra formed Sketch Show. The group releases two albums, but as Sakamoto Ryuichi (the third member of YMO) began to contribute more to the group, the members moved on to work under the name Human Audio Sponge. The lyrics to Chronograpgh are in a mixture of Swedish, Japanese, and English.

I Love Chopin - AIR
AIR is Kurumatani Koji, who has been working under the name AIR since 1996. I Love Chopin was first released on his third album Usual Tone Of Voice in 1998. All Along Air is a U.S. collection out on Knitting Factory records.

Rydeen 79/07 - HASYMO
Human Audio Sponge + Yellow Magic Orchestra = HASYMO. The bio from the band's myspace page will explain the name:

Sakamoto joined Sketch Show at the 2004 Sonar Festival for a performance under the name Human Audio Sponge, a unit name inspired by the writings of UK-based writer, musician, and curator David Toop, which would be used whenever Sakamoto joined a Sketch Show performance. Human Audio Sponge was a name that reflected the musical direction of the three members at the time, absorbing various musical elements and converting these ideas in their original way to create a totally new sound of music. Recently the group has performed under the name HASYMO. More than just a melding of their previous incarnations as Human Audio Sponge (HAS) and Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), HASYMO have developed a new sound that transcends the two groups.

Rydeen was first released on YMO's 1979 album Solid State Survivor. This version was released in 2007.
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