Nippon Music Champ Play List 10/04/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:30pm

1. Ukifune / GO!GO!7188 / Tategami (also on Best Of GO!GO!)
2. Rhapsody / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Casanova Snake
3. Ghost Highway / Sherbets / Miracle
4. Know / Mo'some Tonebender / The Stories Of Adventure
5. Single Coil / Hyacca / Sashitai
6. Chadan Danshi / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re to Rock to Beer de
7. Mujitsu no Otoko / The 50 Kaitenz / 50 Kaitenz no Bikkuri!!

6:30pm to 7:00pm

8. Number 5 / Pizzicato Five / The Sound of Music by Pizzicato Five
9. Kaimono Boogie / Kasagi Shizuko / Hattori Jazz & Jive (VA)
10. Tsukiyo ni Bossa Nova (cover of Fly Me To The Moon) / Natatsuka Mie / Moodsville Present Showa Dance Pary @ Ikenoue Koan (VA)
11. Insomnia / Yellow Magic Orchestra / Solid State Survivor
12. Kupu Kupu (self remix) / Asana / Asana x Tanaka Akira
13. Mars Of Chicken / Cube Juice / In The Eye Of A Wili-Wili

7:00pm to 7:30pm

Polysics - Absolute Polysics album sampler

14. Time Out
15. Shout Aloud!
16. Beat Flash
17. Young Oh! Oh!
18. First Aid
19. Fire Bison
20. Eye Contact
21. Wasabi

7:30pm to 8:00pm

22. Right Lights / Geskia / Silent 77
23. In Cash / Anchorsong / The Bodylanguage EP
24. Kimi o Nosete ~ Nausicaa Requiem / World's End Girlfriend featuring Yukawa Shinoe / Kira Kira Ghibli
25. Liange / Anoice / Remmings
26. La La Radio / Shugo Tokumaru / Exit
27. Bara no Hana / Quruli / Team Rock

Show Notes

Kaimono Boogie - Kasagi Shizuko
Kasagi Shizuko was a popular singer Jazz singer and actress. Kaimono Boogie was written by Hattori Ryoichi and first released in 1950. You can see a performance of the song from one of Kasagi's films here Hattori as a song composer who helped usher in a jazz boom in Japan after the end of World War II. Hattori Jazz & Jive is a collection of songs composed by Hattori, selected by Konishi Yasuharu of Pizzicato Five fame.

Absolute Polysics
Absolute Polysics is the tenth full length album from Polysics. In the U.S., the album is currently available on Itunes and Amazon Mp3, with the CD release currently scheduled for early December. The band formed in 1997 in Tokyo and over the years the band has sought to create "inflectional electronic sounds" by combining pop, punk, and new wave. The band has tour extensively throughout Japan, Europe, and America.

Kimi o Nosete ~ Nausicaa Requiem / World's End Girlfriend featuring Yukawa Shinoe
Kira Kira Ghibli is a collection of electronic artists covering songs from the films of Miyazaki Hayao. For his contribution, world's end girlfriend combined and reinterpreted Kimi o Nosete from Laputa: Castle In The Sky and Nausicaa Requiem from Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. Yukawa Shinoe performs the vocals.

Bara no Hana - Quruli
Bara no Hana is third song in the promo spot for NMC. The female vocals in this song are provided by Miki from Supercar. "Bara" means "rose" in Japanese and "Hana" means "flower". "Bara no Hana" can either translate to just "Rose" or is also can directly refer to the bud of the flower. The band has used both translations, but now seem to be using "Rose". You can hear the song on Quruli's myspace page.

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