Nippon Music Champ Playlist, plus bonus time on 11/22/09

Song Title / Artist / Album

5:30pm to 6:00pm

1. Last Days / Shinichi Osawa / The One
2. Turn It Up / Robots In Disguise / Get RID!
3. Bed Scenes / Robots In Disguise / Disguises
4. Voodoo / Robots In Disguise / GET RID!
5. The Sex Has Made Me Stupid / Robots In Disguise / We're In The Music Biz
6. The Tears (I Haunt Wizards Mix) / Robots In Disguise / The Tears EP

6:00pm to 6:30pm

7. Rainy Day / Sugar Plant / Happy
8. Bakuretsu Ginga / henrytennis / Eight Rare Cases
9. Magpie Will Peck A Hole In My Plaster Cast / 4 Bonjour's Parties / Pigments Drift Down To The Brook
10. Parachute / Shugo Tokumaru / Exit

6:30pm to 7:00pm

11. To Do First (Saisho Yaru niwa) / tenniscoats / Totemo Aimashou
12. Quoth / John Juhl's Cornfield / The Mixing Of Landscape (VA)
13. Cisco (Live Version) / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Last Heaven's Bootleg
14. Studying For An Examination / The Questionmarks / Boo! I'm A Ghost!
15. Peter Gun Locomotion / Six / GPBB
16. Wild Sally (Kouya no Sally) / The Psycrons / The Mircale of The Psycrons
17. Soft Death / Yura Tura Teikoku / Sweet Spot
18. Ms. Panic / Molice / Doctor Ray

7:00pm to 7:35pm

19. Dig A Pit / Melt-Banana / Melt-Banana Lite Live: ver.0.0.
20. In Store / Melt-Banana / Melt-Banana Lite Live: ver.0.0.
21. Last Target On The Last Day / Melt-Banana / Melt-Banana Lite Live: ver.0.0.
22. Dancing Horse On My Notes / De De Mouse / Tide Of Stars
23. Disdrive(Rework) / 80kidz / This Is My S**t
24. Kyoteizinc (Video Mix) / Omodaka / Favorite Games
25. Dry Or Wet / Polysics / We Ate The Machine

7:35pm to 8:00pm

26. Rock Society / Shonen Knife / Genki Shock
27. Rock Star ni Natta nara / GO!GO!7188 / 569
28. Aoi Tori wa Itsumo Fumange / Ajico / Fuka Midori
29. Star / Asai Kenichi / Kikensugiru single
30. Music / Cornelius / Sensuous
31. Rainy Day / lem / Happiness

Show Notes

The basketball game broadcast ended early this week, so I went on air at 5:30pm. Robots In Disguise are a rock/electro/punk band from England. Fierce and fun, Dee Plume and Sue Denim formed RID while studying at the University of Liverpool and have released three albums to date.

Melt-Banana Lite
Melt-Banana Lite is the band performing with just vocals, drums, samplers, and synth, creating a cacophony still very much MB, yet something new at the same time. Some of the songs on this release are reworkings of songs from previous albums, such as "In Store" and " Last Target On The Last Day", both of which were first perfomed on the album Bambi's Dilemma.

Yep, that's the name of the album. On air I'll just say "This Is My".
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