Nippon Music Champ Play List For 10/03/2010

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:30pm

1. Till The End Of The Day (The Kinks cover) / Thee 50's High Teens / Girls Sazanami Beat! Volume 2 (VA)
2. Plastic Hospital / Men's Relaxations / Girls Sazanami Beat! Volume 3 (VA)
3. Ukifune / GO!GO!7188 / Tategami (also on Best Of GO!GO!)
4. Headphone / Molice / Doctor Ray
5. Ash / Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Gear Blues
6. Omae no Sei daze / The 50 Kaitenz / 50 Kaitenz no Gya!!
7. Jet Generation / Guitar Wolf / Jet Generation (also on Golden Black)

6:30pm to 7:00pm

8. Tenshi no Itazura / Emy Jackson / Nippon Girls (VA)
9. Yoake ni Kieru / Salome no Kuchibiru / The Time Was Then Is Now (VA)
10. Boku dake ga / Angel'in Heavy Syrup / The Best of Angel'in Heavy Syrup
11. Arashi no Yoru, London de (Stormy Night In London) / The Psycrons / The Miracle of The Psycrons
12. all i understand is that i don't understand / toe / the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety
13. Taisetsuna Jikan / James Iha / Linda Linda Linda soundtrack
14. Bara no Hana / Quruli / Team Rock

7:00pm to 7:30pm

15. Drop / Cornelius / Point
16. Another View Point / Cornelius / Point
17. Chronograph / Sketch Show / Loophole
18. In Cash / Anchorsong / The Bodylanguage EP
19. About Moonlight / Kashiwa Daisuke / 5 Dec

7:30pm to 8:00pm
Asai Kenichi mini-set

20. Fiord / Shallow Well / Shellby
21. Iceland Boy / Sherbets / Miracle
22. Kyoukai / Sherbets / Natural
23. Derringer / Blankey Jet City / Harlem Jets
24. Ghost Highway / Sherbets / Miracle
25. Pepin (Blankey Jet City cover) / Ajico / Ajico Show

Show Notes:

Asai Kenichi

Asai Kenichi is an extremely prolific musician. From 1990 to 2000 he was he guitarist and vocalists for the influential rock band Blankey Jet City. In 1998 he started the first of many other bands, Sherbets. In 2000, he started his own record label Sexy Stones Records. He works with whatever bands fits with the music he is writing at the time. All of his releases remain as imports, but music by Jude, Shallow Well, and Sherbets can be found on iTunes. I played Shallow Well for the first time on the show this week and over the years Sherbets has gotten the most feedback from listeners, so that's why there were so many Sherbets songs in this set.

Here is a rough time line of his various projects:

Sherbets 1998 to present

Sherberts is Asai Kenichi on Vocals and Guitar, Qumico Fucci on Keyboards and Chorus, Nakata Kenichi on bass, and Sotomura Kimitoshi on Drums. Sherbets has an ethereal, dreamlike sound that while now present in Asai's other bands, started here. Qumico Fucci collaborates with Asai on his other projects from time to time as well.

Ajico 1999 to 2001

Ajico was UA on vocals, Asai Kenichi on Vocals and Guitar, Tokie (Unkie) on bass, and Shino Kyoichi on drums. The band released three singles, the album Fukamidori, and the two disc live album Ajico Show.

Jude (pronounced "Yuda") 2002 to present

Jude is a rock'n' roll three piece featuring Asai, Watanabe Keiichi (bass), and Ikehata Junzi (drums). Jude's primary focus is very rockin songs, but they have a slow side as well.

Solo Work 2006 to present

In 2006, Asai began releasing material under his own name. The simplest way to describe his solo work is a mixing of Jude and Sherbets.

Shallow Well 2010 - ?

Shallow Well is the first of two new projects Asai announced this year. Described as "Instrumental Seaside Cabin Sounds", Shallow Well is an instrumental band.

Pontiacs 2010 - ?

Pontiacs is Asai's latest band, and features Toshiyuki Teriu (Blankey Jet City) on bass, and Arimatsu on Drums. Their first album is due out in November.

Bara no Hana - Quruli
Bara no Hana is third song in the promo spot for NMC. The female vocals in this song are provided by Miki from Supercar. "Bara" means "rose" in Japanese and "Hana" means "flower". "Bara no Hana" can either translate to just "Rose" or is also can directly refer to the bud of the flower. The band has used both translations, but now seem to be using "Rose". You can see the music video here.

Chronograph - Sketch Show
In 2002, Hosono Haruomi and Takahashi Yukihiro of Yellow Magic Orchestra formed Sketch Show. The group releases two albums, but as Sakamoto Ryuichi (the third member of YMO) began to contribute more to the group, the members moved on to work under the name Human Audio Sponge. The lyrics to Chronograpgh are in a mixture of Swedish, Japanese, and English.
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