Playlists for 2011

Nippon Music Champ Play List For 4/24/2011

This week I wanted to feature the live performances I have been able to gather over the years. These are exclusive recordings done for Album 88, and I have provided corresponding album information when available.

Song Title / Artist / Album

6:00pm to 6:40pm (approximated)

1. The Sound Museum / Towa Tei / Sound Museum
2. Deco Which Barks / Boot Beat / Switch
3. Jack / -Pia-no-jaC- / First Contact
4. Lupin The Third I/II (readymade all that jazz! mix) / Konishi Yasuharu / Punch The Monkey! 2 (VA)
5. Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy vs James Bond / Pizzicato Five / Made in USA
6. My Sharona / Polysics (The Knack cover) / Polysics Or Die!!!! Vista

6:40pm to 7:00pm

An exclusive live recording of PINE*am began this set. It was recorded in August of 2005 and the studio versions of these songs can be found on the band's album Pull The Rabbit Ears

7. Cosmic Glider
8. Do I Know You
9. Gymnopedie 0.1

10. Tankou Bushi / Omodaka / Plum Song EP
11. okite_j / Miyauchi Yuri / A Collection Box 11th March 2011 (VA)
12. Music / Cornelius / Sensuous

7:00pm to 7:35pm

This set features an exclusive live set from Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re recorded in September 2006. Album information is provided by each song.

13. Umeboshi Plums / Pregnant Fantasy
14. Ebihara Shinji / Pregnant Fantasy
15. Lingerie Shop / Pregnant Fantasy
16. Mama no Uta / still unreleased
17. Sakuran Boy / Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re to Rock to Beer de
18. Noumiso Short Cake / Noumiso Short Cake

7:35pm to 8:00pm

This set begins with an exclusive live set from Mono, recorded in 2006. Both songs are available on the band's album You Are There.

19. The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain
20. A Heart Has Asked For The Pleasure

21. Iceland Boy / Sherbets / Miracle
22. Who / Shallow Well / Shellby

Show Notes

A Collection Box 11th March 2011
This six track release features two songs each from aus, Ametsub, and Miyauchi Yuri and the proceeds go to relief efforts in Japan.
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